Piping top rank into next question text


Hi there. I have a ranking question where my respondents rank a list in order of preference from 1 to 5. In the next question I would like to ask why they ranked ‘x’ as their preferred option – in this example x is the top ranked attribute in my ranking question. How can I pipe ‘x’ into my question text? Thanks!

Kate Clark asked

    Hi Kate,

    You can only pipe from: 

    • Radio Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Dropdown Menu
    • Rating (Likert Scale)

    If you want to pipe from a ranked question I suggest using a dropdown menu with the ranks as the rows (1 to 5) and your options in the dropdown. Don’t forget to set it (in Validation) so that each dropdown option can only be used once. You can then easily pipe their response to rank 1 into your next question.

    Hope that helps,


    Katrina Lambert answered


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