Piping more than one response


I have a survey that will have a question that will ask the respondent to pick up to three answers. Then the following question asks something else based on their responses. Is this possible to program in SurveyGizmo and if so how?

The respondent will have 1-3 responses (from a total of 7 choices); if 1, i need to pipe in their response into the next question; if 2 or 3, i need to pipe in to the next question 3 time (with each different answer) create 3 questions that are the same and pipe in into those.

So, how do i set up the logic for this:

  • They need to select only 1-3 responses
  • Of those responses, whatever they select needs to pipe into the next question


Dominic Sharpe answered

    This should all be possible (if I understand correctly).

    For selecting a max of 3, take a look at this document:


    For Question Piping, take a look here:


    And in case you need it, take a look at the Question Logic article:


    Hope this helps you get the ball rolling!


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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