Piping new value without old value showing up?


Hello everyone,

I am designing a followup survey (T2 Survey) and I had a question regarding piping of values.

Essentially we are piping a value from the first survey (T1 Survey) into our T2 Survey. However, certain participants from the T1 Survey will not be asked to input anything (they don’t qualify), we will ask them in the T2 study, however, if something changed, and if it did, they would then need to input a new value.

I’ll try to illustrate this as best I can in the following example:

T1 > “Are you attending university” –> Yes/No

      If yes –> “Please type in the name of university” and this turns into (‘[question(“value”), id=”124″])

      If no –> “Thank you for taking the survey”

T2 > “Are you now attending university?” –> Yes/No

      If yes –>“Please enter the university you are now attending” and now this turns into (‘[question(“value”), id=”128″])

      If no –> “Thank you for taking the survey”

How do I make it so that depending on the answer to the question, it pipes in the right information? Piping the new value is straight forward, but if I ask a question to both groups, how do I make it so only one of the values shows up without having to put in a whole separate survey within the survey?

T2 > “You said you were attending (‘[question(“value”), id=”124″]) (‘[question(“value”), id=”128″]), what are you studying?”

I mean is there a way I can program it so that if (‘[question(“value”), id=”124″]) does not exist, display (‘[question(“value”), id=”128″])? And vice versa?

I hope it was not too confusing.

Thank you for your time.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Hi Chris,

    I need some additional information about how you are sending the T2 survey to respondents.  Are you using an email campaign?  I am curious about how you are planning to get values from T1 into T2.

    Jim W (Moderator) edited answer


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