Piping answers from multiple questions to one question


I have this scenario whereby can be simplified as the following:


  1. Have you been bullied?

            In school           Yes/No

            At Community    Yes/No

            At workplace      Yes/No


        2. I have been bullied before



If answer to any of the three sub-questions in question one is yes, answer to the second question will be automatically completed as yes. 


May I know how to achieve this using piping (or any other method)?


Thank you.

michaelzhou answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    I don’t think there is a built in option for this in SurveyGizmo.

    I believe you would need to script this scenario (the follow up question would need to be on the next page).

    You would need to ‘Get’ the answer from the first question:


    And then have an if statement to set the answer to the follow-up question:


    I don’t have a ready/working example at the moment, but hopefully this gives you some ideas? Perhaps someone else in the community might have some suggestions?

    michaelzhou commented

      If the questions are exactly as you set them up, it would make more sense to only show the second question if all answers are ‘no’ to the questions before – you would use this as a sense check and later assign a status to the respondent using syntax in analysis if they selected any yes options.

      i.e. if all answers are yes, you don’t need them to answer the second question or have it prefilled – you can do that later in analysis. You would run a syntax to say ‘if x = yes or y = yes or z = yes then assign True/Yes to being bullied’. So all you would need to do is a show/hide on the second followup question to show if all answers = no.

      michaelzhou commented
        • Thanks for the reply. The only issue is that it’s a copy-righted questionnaire and we are not sure how much we can modified it. But I agree with you that to calculate the answer at backstage will be a better idea.



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