Can I pipe a url() field into a hyperlink?


I have a survey and am using an auto redirect at the end.  I would like to have a hyperlink also on the page that the user can click on before the redirect kicks in.

The link needs to pull in a url field, which is working okay…[url(“token”)]/type/5 

but when I wrap it in the tags … <a href=’[url(“token”)]/type/5′></a>, it does all sorts of nasty HTML encoding and the link won’t work. 

Any suggestions?





Dominic Sharpe answered

    Are you making sure to disable the “Clean my HTML” feature (last item in this article):

    If that’s not the issue, SurveyGizmo has the following Best Practices article for using merge codes inside HTML, that I hope will help:


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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