[Solved] Pipe single answers from multiple choice questions into a repeated (based on answer) question



I am trying to pipe answers into questions – simple enough, however the answers are sourced from a multiple choice question and I want to pipe them one at a time into the question and repeat the question based on the number of multiple choices selected. 

I know how to pipe answers and repeat questions, however I am getting every answer piped into every question. 


e.g.: I am asking which seminars people attended, London, New York or Melbourne. Some people will have attended more than one. Let’s imagine they answer New York and Melbourne. I then want to ask: 

Thinking about the NEW YORK seminar, which of these things would have made it better?

then repeat the question and ask:

Thinking about the MELBOURNE seminar, which of these things would have made it better?


At the moment I am getting the following twice:

Thinking about the NEW YORK, MELBOURNE seminar, which of these things would have made it better?


is there a way to pipe only one answer of a multiple choice question at a time?

Thank you, 

M Nutt




SG Admin answered

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    Hi M Nutt,

    Yes, this is possible. We were able to achieve this by ensuring that the question that should repeat has the following options…Under Piping/Repeat, select the multiple choice question in the SECOND drop down menu. Then select the radio button option “Repeat based on the selected answers”. This ensured the question was repeated for each selection in the linked multiple choice question that came before it. Our example was:

    Q1. Select the following positions you are reporting salary data for:

    – Position A (x)
    – Position B
    – Position C
    – Position D (x)

    Q2. What is the base salary for POSITION A?
    ______ USD
    Q2. What is the base salary for POSITION D?
    ______ USD



    Mary L (Moderator) answered
      • Hi Mary,

        Thanks for your response.

        Unfortunately that hasn’t solved the problem. That was the way I originally tried to do it and I am still getting the same response: Both answers piped into the question (separated by a comma) and the question repeated.

        I wonder what is different about how I am doing it. The source question is a multiple choice ‘Checkbox’ question if that helps.

        M Nutt

      • Perhaps it is the merge code I am using?



      Hi Michaela,

      Mary’s suggestion here is the best way to achieve what you are looking to do.

      I think you are correct in that the issue here is with the merge code that you are using. When using Question Piping (as this feature is called), there is a special merge code that needs to be used in order to properly reference the source information.

      I have included a link to the specific section of the Question Piping Help Document that covers this:


      Please let us know if we can help out further!

      Best regards,

      David Domagalski
      Survey Explorer & Advanced Support Technician
      SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com

      SG Admin answered

        I’m still waiting on an answer to this one… Any ideas guys? 

        Mary L (Moderator) commented
          • Hi Michaela,

            Not sure why this isn’t working for you. I will ask a SurveyGizmo Support Hero to follow up.




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