Pipe Selected Group into Ranking Question


We are trying to set a survey using your amazing survey gizmo.


I run into a hiccup.


I was trying to have a question that asks the respondent to group the statements(items) based

on their level of agreement into to two groups. One group called “agree” and one group called “disagree”.


Then I was planning to have a follow up question that ask the respondent to rank the statements

from the group called “agree”.


Is there any way to that?


thank you very much for your support

IS answered
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    If I understand you correctly, I think what you want to do could be accomplished by some mildly complicated JavaScript, but I wonder if a simpler option might be better.

    You could combine the two questions by using a Drag & Drop question type and then ask the respondents to put the items they agree with in order. This would be fewer steps for the respondents and a lot easier to set up for you.


    IS answered


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