[Solved] Can I pipe x number of checkbox answers to the columns of a dropdown grid table?


I have a question which allows users to select one to many checkbox answers.


On the next page, I’d like to pipe the selected answers into individual column header values.  Is this possible?


For example:

          Piped1   Piped2   Piped3   PipedN

Q1      Ddwn1   Ddwn1   Ddwn1  Ddwn1

Q2      Ddwn2   Ddwn2   Ddwn2  Ddwn2

Q3      Ddwn3   Ddwn3   Ddwn3  Ddwn3

mdonville answered

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    What you are looking to do should be possible via Answer Option Piping:


    the Drop down Grid is one of the compatible listed questions for “Target Questions for Piping Into Columns”:


    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe selected as best answer

      You’re the best Dominic!  In troubleshooting originally, I had changed the object to a custom table which doesn’t support piping in that manner.  Changing it back to a Dropdown Menu Grid, I saw the appropriate pipe-to options referenced in the link you provided.



      mdonville answered


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