Dear all,

I am new to SurveyGizmo and am just building my 2nd survey, so bear with me if my question is stupid…

When creating a new question and picking the “File Upload” question type (as I want the user to be able to upload an own picture), the upload doesn’t work. It hasn’t done in the few days when I’ve tried. I can browse through my files and pick a photo, but when I press the “Upload” key nothing happens. I have made sure that the format of the picture (for instance, jpg) is duly on the list of permitted documents to upload and is smaller than the max size but still it doesn’t work. Could you kindly try to upload a picture in the File Upload Question Type in one survey and tell me if it works on your end? What can I possibly have missed? You can find here below a screen shot of the moment I mean.

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help!

Isabelle Rodriguez, IKEA of Sweden.

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    Hey Isabelle- How are you testing your survey? The file upload question does not work with Preview or in a JavaScript embed. I’d recommend trying it in your regular share link. 🙂

    Lizzy Tekkel answered
      • Hi Lizzy!
        I tried in the “test” mode but was told in the meantime that there are limitations in the test mode, so I should publish the survey, answer it myself to see if that works, and delete my answer. I will do that.



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