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We have a group of 10 employees that need to have annual performance evaluations completed by a group of supervisors. I’d like to be able to report each individual’s mean score on a question as well as the group’s mean score on that question. Is that possible within SG or would I have to export the raw data into Excel?

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    Based on what you mentioned SurveyGizmo’s reporting should get you what you need (depending on the type of question that you use).

    The FAQ section here outlines your options for statistics with SurveyGizmo’s Standard Report:


    The report will by default show all survey data as an aggregate but you should be able to filer the report to show data for a specific employee (assuming that the employee is identified in the survey via a question or hidden field).

    Here is more information regarding filtering in the Standard Report:


    I hope this helps you get started!

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