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I have a question where I ask the end users if they are using a product. The second question measures they satisfaction with the product, the options available for rating are based on the answers in question one.

For example, if the first question has 10 products and the user selects only 5 as being used. The second question is about their level of satisfaction with the 5 products they said they used in the first question.

I would like to graph the satisfaction rate as a part of usage in one bar graph. 20% are satisfied, 80% are dissatisfied with product A, that is being used by 50% of the people. Can the satisfaction be graphed as a part of the product usage in a bar chart. Is there an option for this?

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    You mean as opposed to the table that summary reports default to? Yes! (But it’ll be one bar chart per Product.)

    When customizing your summary report, scroll to the bottom and click “Add Element.” Change Element Display Type to “Vertical Bar Graph.” Under Source Question/Data, find Product A (not the question itself, but the actual Product A that is being ranked), and click Save.

    Save your settings and refresh your report. You should have a new bar chart at the end of your report (that you can move to where ever you want, of course).

    Amanda Pelliccione answered


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