Allow people to skip back to a certain page or question


I am evaluating SurveyGizmo right now. I need to allow people to adjust their answers to previous questions. I’ve done this with other tools where the question might be:

1. Describe yourself (text block answer)

2. Do you like the answer to this question? y/n

If they say no it sends them back to question 1.

It seems like with SurveyGizmo it does now allow page logic to go backwards? So is there another workaround (maybe with scripts or URL variables)? I need them to be able to do this as many times as they like, so I don’t want to create a copy and have the skip forward.

Thank you!

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I recommend taking a look at SurveyGizmo’s Skip Logic:

    You can set up a condition and jump to a specific survey page if/when the condition is met. You can jump back to previous pages this way.


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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