people are not receiving the email with link to survey to return and complete?


Save and Continue feature.

they are not receiving the response email and therefore cannot return to survey to complete.

Margie Hertneck answered

    What if folks are using the same universal link?  Any suggestions?

    Mary L (Moderator) commented

      Hi Bevb, 

      I would recommend going in to their response from your end:

      Results -> Individual Responses. Click on their response number and navigate to details tabd. Toward the middle of the page select edit response

      Once you click the edit link you’ll be taken in to their response. Once there, hit “save and continue” and enter in your own email address. Check your spam folder. There is a chance your participant is not getting the email because it was directed to a folder distinct from their inbox. By using your own email address, you are able to verify whether or not the issue is due to user error.

      • If you receive the “save and continue” email, you can send your participant a message with the link included. This way it will be coming from you and will likely end up in their inbox.
      • If you do not receive the “save and continue” email, then create a case with support so they can investigate your survey. In the event that you need to provide the participant with their link right away, you can send them the “edit response” link you used. Just note that it is a perpetual link and will not shut down even as your survey closes.


      Mary L (Moderator) answered


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