Can I get several people within one organisation to complete sections of a single questionnaire


Hi, I am new to surveygizmo but you have been recommended. I am looking to launch a b2b survey, potentially to 50-60 organisations.  It is a large questionnaire of around 60 questions.  In smaller organisations it might be possible for one person to complete it, but I suspect in larger organisations it would require 2 or 3 to each focus on specific sections. Is there a way the survey could be shared internally within an organisation so that it could be worked on by several people?  Or is there any other workarounds you are aware of?

A prompt response would be appreciated.

With many thanks,

Steve Gotham

Director of Insight



Dominic Sharpe answered

    I think Section Navigator is the best built-in option that SurveyGizmo has to accomplish what you are describing. The feature is described here:

    Depending on whether your account has access to the above feature, there is another workaround described here:

    I hope these two options give you something to work with!


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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