[Solved] People are completing the survey but responses are not showing. HELP!!


People are completing the survey but responses are not showing.  HELP!

kac104 asked

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    Just received this: 

    Thanks so much for your email. I believe our response processing is backed up. Not to worry! No data has been lost, it’s just not showing up yet. All resources are looking into this issue and it should be fixed very soon. I’m so very sorry for the inconvenience!

    Thank you for your patience!

    Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

    abrannan answered
      Judy 10 Rep.

      I have the same problem but I’m going to wait it out. This thread makes me feel better. I hope to see the completed surveys before the end of the week.

      Judy answered

         I am experiencing the same problem and look forward to hearing when it’s resolved. Any idea how far back the backup goes? I am missing results from 12/8 through today and want to be sure this is the issue or if something else may be going on. 

        Laura Clapper246420 answered
          • Hey Laura,
            The issue is only for this morning. If you are having a data issue prior to that I recommend reaching out to support directly to help investigate.
            Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer


          I am having the same issue at the moment

          Patrick O'Connor answered
            Holly 2.17K Rep.

            Here’s the link to our Community Post and our status.io page!






            Thanks for your patience!

            Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer!

            Holly answered

              Holly White,


              Thanks a lot for your quick response.

              A true fire dancer !




              Andre Klok answered


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