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We are experiencing an issue with ‘Service Provider Application’ survey.

Following each submission we receive an email, up until last week the email contained a PDF of the survey result, where a question called for the upload of a document the PDF provided a hyperlink to the document so the client could download and file. However the PDF is not generating all of the hyperlinks. In the following example you will see that Question 18 is working as intended and Questions 24 & 36 do not.

I have uploaded the PDF to this email for your records

The CSV file in the email contains the URLs for the PDFs uploaded in Question 24 & 25.

The email transcript shows that a file was uploaded.


Does the Service Provider have Public Liability Insurance?: Yes

Sum Insured: 20,000,000  |  Current to: 12/31/2015
Justification for no Public Liability Insurance: 
Upload Public Liability Certificate of Currency: 44-96b66f4d74e9bca523ff32d4659cabd9_Certificate of Currency – Public & Products Liability 14-15.pdf

Does the Service Provider have WorkCover Liability?: Yes
Insurer: WorkCover Qld  |  Current to: 06/30/2016
Justification for no WorkCover: 
Upload your WorkCover Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency: 66-4fd2f857472011e57df313a6db7b55be_Workcover Qld.pdf

Survey Name: Service Provider Application
Example of Issue: Response #258
Question #18 works as intended
Questions #24 & #26 do not mention that a file was uploaded or include the link to the uploaded PDF

This was working correctly on all submissions up until last week, any assistance would be appreciated.

Paul McCormick

Paul McCormick asked

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    Hi Nathan

    Thanks for the reply, I have looked into that and applied the delay, but it did not effect the links appearing on the generated PDF. The issues is with SurveyGizmo at the moment as they look for a possible reason for why it stopped working as if did previously.

    The funny thing is that the links to uploaded files inside the PDF are still there but not for every file. Only some are given a hyperlink, not all.


    Paul McCormick answered

      Hi Paul!

      It seems the trouble may be related to delays in the File Upload process. Occasionally it can take 5 or 10 minutes for our file hosting system to finish processing newly uploaded files. If file processing has not yet completed by the time your respondent finishes their survey and triggers the email to be sent, the link can’t be added to your email message.

      A solution to this involves placing a short delay, perhaps ‘+15 minutes’, to your Send Email action. This should allow enough time for File Uploads to complete, and ensure you do consistently see those links show up in your email messages 🙂


      I hope this helps!

      Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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