Paste in Values and Custom Reporting Values separated by “|”


Is there no way to paste in the values anymore? I used to be able to do the following, but it no longer seems to work:

Option 1 | Custom Reporting Value 1
Option 2 | Custom Reporting Value 2

Was this taken away in the new version?

Monique answered

    Hi, Mary,

    I have done that exactly like you show above with a regular, stand-alone dropdown question and it works just fine.

    My issue seems to be in the custom tables’ dropdown column. I tried it again and had the same issue. The custom reporting values and picklist display values do not separate themselves into two separate columns, they all clump into both sides. I do have it set to have custom values before pasting. 

    I made a screencast and sent it to support referencing this question/answer in the e-mail.

    I am hoping it is user error! 🙂

    Monique answered

      Hi Monique,

      1. From within the question editor, right click on one of the option boxes and select paste.
      2. Select one of the options that show up and it will insert your options.



      Mary L (Moderator) answered


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