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Hello. I’m creating a quiz featuring multiple choice questions.

1. Is it possible to add commentary or explanations to each correct or incorrect answer?
– For example, in question 1, if they select the wrong answer, it will display a response that says “Close, but not quite”. Alternatively, if they select the correct question, it will display a response like, “Correct, and here’s an interesting fact about this answer…”

– This could happen either instantly, after selecting the incorrect or correct answer to a question. Or it could happen at the end after they complete the quiz.

2. Pass/Fail:  I’m using this option because there is only 1 correct answer per multiple choice question. However, I don’t want to set a passing score. I just want to display the correct answers for each question, and tell them which ones they got right or wrong. Is this possible?

bsmith387101 asked

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    In the past I’ve used logic rather than a quiz score to provide instant feedback. I found this tutorial that actually walks you through it.  Hope that helps!

    Noel Black answered


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