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I created a quiz in which I receive an email notification with a PDF of the response.  How can I get the PDF to show all the possible answer to each question, with the respondent’s choice identified, and whether or not they got the question right or wrong?

Right now the PDF shows the question, the respondent’s answer, and score but I’m not able to easily identify which questions they answered incorrectly.

Gail Percey asked

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    The current email PDF capabilities don’t seem to have this option…the PDF will only show what you have already mentioned – the question, the respondent’s answer and the quiz score.

    Not sure if this works for you, but in the past I have created a text element that is triggered when an incorrect answer is selected (sort of instant feedback)…

    This way if I answer a question incorrectly, I see a message that says something like ‘incorrect, the correct answer is etc.”.

    Then in the email PDF that you get, you can select to include text instructions to see what text was triggered…

    This has one big drawback though, with instant feedback your respondents could change their answers if they are alerted to incorrect answers. Either way, it’s just a thought…

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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