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Hello Survey Gizmo Community!

At the end of my survey I would like to redirect the user to a report page that will display dynamic content based on which answers they gave. My problem lies in passing data from the survey to the report page.

I would like to avoid passing all the response data as parameters in the URL redirect due to the sheer quantity of data being passed… the URL would get very long! 

I have explored the option of using the REST API to retrieve the survey response. However, I found that there is a delay of ~1min between the survey completion and being able to retrieve data via the API, so this is not ideal when wanting to display the report page immediately after the survey completion.

Does anyone know of any other way I could pass data across? Or is an incredibly long URL the only option?


richardharrison asked

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    Hi Richard,

    If you are looking to send them to a Report of all or filtered responses you can create the report, then append &realtime=true at the end of the link.

    Then place a redirect at the end of the survey to this report. It will give them a realtime update of the report.


    Jacob Hayslett answered

      Hey Richard,

      If I’m understanding what you wrote, It sounds like you’re just passing certain data that was entered into the specific survey response to your own site where that data is displayed, and if I’m right, I think the incredibly long URL is your best option.

      Chad Wilco answered


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