How to pass checkbox question results as unique webhook elements


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As I understand the chcekbox question type requires all possible answers to be passed under the same webhook header/name. I know you can manually set reporting values and SPSS variable names, but I am looking to pass each checkbox option as a unique header. Ex:


Question: How do you pass checkbox results as unique webhook elements?

A   |   B  |   C  |   D


In the webhook I can only assign an element for the question, however the output obviously changes based on answer(s) selected. Is it possible to enable the option to pass each response as it’s own element where unselected answers are NULL?


Dominic Sharpe answered

    One possible work around would be to create Hidden Value Actions on a page that follows your checkbox question.

    You would create one Hidden Value for each of your checkbox options:

    You could then populate each Hidden Value with a merge code that corresponds to a specific answer option from the checkbox question. The Hidden Value has a ‘insert merge code’ helper under the ‘Populate with the following’ field – this helper will allow you to grab the specific merge code for each answer option.

    Once you have set this up, each Hidden Value will only be populated with it’s associated answer only if that answer is selected in the checkbox question. Otherwise, the Hidden Value will remain blank.

    You can then map each Hidden Value via the Webhook.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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