[Solved] How to see where partials got the survey link from?


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we started our survey and distributed it via newsletter and in our company email signature. Obviously, it is now interesting for us to know which way we reached most customers.

In the results report, we can see this, but only for those who completed the survey. Is there a way to also see for those who haven’t finished?

To clarify: let’s say we had 500 participants, 450 completed the survey and 50 didn’t.
Our report now looks like this:
322: Mailing_ABCD16: Mailing_EFGH
12: Mailing_IJKL

This adds up to 450, but the 50 partials aren’t listed.
We’d love to see where they got the link from, too, though. (It doesn’t even have to say “partials: 25 mailing_ABCD” etc, they could just be part of the general count)


Is this possible, and if so, what settings do I have to use to get this?


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    It sounds like this is what you are after:


    Hope this helps!

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