If I paid annually and delete my account does it run until the end of the year?


I have an annual license which I believe I cannot reduce to a shorter period. If I cancel this account now does my access run until the end of the year or is it suspended immediately / changed to free? 

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    Thanks for posting to the Community Forum.  However, your questions seems to be directed at SurveyGizmo and not your fellow SurveyGizmo users, so I have flagged your posting for their attention.

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      Oh my apologies. Thank you for sending it on. 

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        • No apology necessary. Glad that I could help. There is an email address for Billing that is available to the ADMIN of your account.


        @Harvard90 : In all cases a canceled or deleted account is processed immediately regardless of payment.

        Bri Hillmer
        Documentation Coordinator
        SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

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