[page(‘piped title’)] not working


Starting from this morning, the [page(‘piped title’)] that was working perfectly before, is not working anymore in pages where repeat is set.

I have already submitted a ticket but wanted to know if this is something happening also to other users.



alessia answered
    • We have exactly the same problem. I wrote in technical support. and they say that the code does not work only when it is in bold, but it does not work for us in any form ((


    Hi All, 

    Support team told me that the development team is working on this issue but they have no precise timeline for that.

    Anyway we have found a workaround to solve this issue and they confirmed this is a good solution for now:

    in your question text go under Source code and instead of [page(“piped title”)]  write [page("piped title")]. Using the Unicode instead of ” the system keeps the double quotation marks and the title is shown correctly.

    Be aware that any time you amend the question text, you have to rewrite the unicode "

    Hope this helps.


    alessia answered

      Same problem. What I think happens is that when you bold the page piped title and then save the question, somehow the question switches the original text you input:


      [page(“piped title”)]


      with text that doesn’t work:


      [page(‘piped title’)]


      To resolve this, replace the [page(‘piped title’)] with [page(“piped title”)] and do NOT bold it. The question should save properly and the correct text should pipe in. Hope this helps.

      alessia commented
        • since we need to use breaks and formatting, we have found a workaround, and used the Unicode for ” (see my reply below)


        Are you still having issues with this? I tested this in a survey (new test survey) and it worked as expected there. I don’t have any existing surveys to test on – I’m wondering if there is something different between new surveys and existings surveys?

        alessia commented
          • No differences between new or existing surveys. What make the difference is the use of any formatting or breaks.



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