Page Logic – Show when: (expiry is after or equal to date system_date)


We would like to expire surveys based on a date returned via a Get webhook to a variable called “expiry”, evaluated with page display logic like:-

Show when: (expiry is after or equal to date system_date)

We Capture system date with Hidden Value Action…
Value: [system(“date”)]

This looks successful in the Individual responses under the results tab

Get returns the date string for “expiry”, which we have successfully displaying in a question, so we are confident that is available.

If I use page logic like –  expiry is after or equal to date “09/04/2019”

we can see the logic working with the expiry value passed in, but what we want is to evaluate the expiry date against the current system_date

Is there a syntax that will allow the logic expression to evaluate the variable “system_date” as against a static value like 09/04/2019 aused above?

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