[Solved] Page Logic or Skip Logic


I’m trying to jump a person through a survey based on what they answer to my first question.  I can jump them to the right page from that first page with Skip logic, but when they click next, they go to the next built page, rather than the final page.  I can add a lot more skip logic, but I think Page Logic is going to make this easier.  Right?

Matthew Albie asked

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    Emma 973 Rep.

    In my experience, page logic is a lot easier to use and a lot more clean! I hardly ever use skip logic unless I need to disqualify or redirect someone.

    Emma answered

      Thanks!  I’ve been sweating this all day, but this is a good rule of thumb.  I was able to remove my jump logic and just do page logic per page so it automatically moves past all the pages that don’t need to be seen, shows the one that does, and then passes the rest of not applicable pages and lands on the next page that should show (my Thank You page)!

      Matthew Albie answered


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