[Solved] Page Logic being ignored. Custom coding added


Hello, I have built a survey and here is the problem in quick detail 


Page 1: 

Question 1: 

A—Value = 1 

B—Value =2


Question 2: 

A—Value = 1 

B—Value =2


Question 3: 

A–Value = 1 

B—Value =2



Page 2:

Continuous sum : 

To Add the Value of question 1,2, and 3:

—–Page 3: 

Custom Script: 

This script catches the value from page 2 to add to the value of page 4 which hold is supposed to hold the hidden value. And if the hidden value is (>=) to 4 then Question 4 should show. Could someone explain to me why this is not working i have tried countless amounts of tests to find the problem but i can’t seem to find the source of the problem. 


Page 4: 

is The hidden value place holder 


Page 5: 

Holds Question number 4 which is supposed to not be visible unless the page logic of if the continuous sum of the selected values are >= 4. 

Any help is appreciated! 

Albert Key asked

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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    Is the Hidden Value to only item on page 4? If so, that page might not be rendering (as there would not be anything to show to survey respondents). If the page does not render, the logic condition would fail because the item that the logic is based on never loaded.

    If that is the case, all you may need to do is to use the ‘Auto Submit’ feature on page 4. This will make sure that the page is submitted so that the Hidden Value data can be captured and used for the logic.

    You can probably use the auto submit on page 3 too, if the script is the only item on page 3.

    Here is more info on the auto submit:


    I hope this helps!

    Lola Gill answered


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