[Solved] Override response status to complete


I want to make it so that when someone finishes my survey their response status is automatically marked as complete.  I set the “override response status to complete” function to trigger when someone hits “submit” and is taken to the thank you page.  However, when I logged into a test account and submitted the survey it was marked as partial and not complete.  Does the override response status function not work with test accounts?  Please help me to automatically mark submitted surveys as complete.  Thanks.

Josh Warmack200461 asked

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    If somebody reaches the final page of your survey, its actually marked as Complete even if you don’t have the override response status on to be complete.

    That’s weird that it isn’t doing it with the test link.  Have you chatted with the guys at SG about it?  Might be something on your survey specifically.

    Matthew Albie answered


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