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I have entered a custom Thank you message on the terminal page of my quiz but the quiz still has a default message “Thank you for taking our survey. Your response is very important to us.” that I am unable to find.  Where can I find and edit/remove this message?  -thx

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    The “Thank You For Taking This…..” message at top of the page is the page title.  You can change or delete it by either clicking on the text or the edit icon at the far right  (after the Preview link).

    You can add another thank you message by adding a new TEXT/MEDIA element to the page.

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      Jim, thank you for your response.  I have the Professional level account.  As you will see, I do not have the option to edit the message the way you show.  I was able to add an additional message at the page level but not edit at the item level.


      Ben Briggs188355 answered

        Thanks Jim, that was the key.  Adding a new text object overrides the default message.  I have tried it and it works.  Thanks for your help – and on a Sunday no less.

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          I am assuming that you have a BASIC, PRO, or ENTERPRISE level account – the THANK YOU page cannot be customized on FREE accounts.

          If you have the appropriate level account, there should be an EDIT option (the pencil icon) to the right of the message.  Click on the icon and you will be able to use the HTML editor to customize the message.

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