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for a quite some time I am trying to solve one issue for over quota. Here is the thing. i have a main sample with age, gender, region quotas based on national census. Also I have boost sample with no clear composition and no clear final number of completes (this depends on main sample answers). There are several solutions but none of them fits my needs:

  1. Completing main sample and after it is completed gather boost samples. But in this case i am loosing respondents as I could continue survey with some groups (like males) until I reach main sample overall quota. 
  2. Having a custom script with long script who is main and who is boost respondent, but this fails very often (I am quite new in custom scripting so this might be challenging for me to set up normal and user friendly script). Also i have gender quota (2), age group quotas (5) and region quota (15). Having validation for all these 22 variables makes script to heavy. 
  3. having a custom script and updating it with every closing quota (females, age 15-24 etc.). But this of course takes time and script either way becomes to heavy.

The thing is that it would be perfect to have status as a variable. it could work like this:

if status is disqualified and TG fits my criterion, then continue survey, else – terminate survey.

Does anyone had the same situation and have a solution? I basically need this set-up once / twice every month, so any useful tip would be very helpful. And i would be very grateful 🙂

strasser90 answered

    I you just want to ensure a minimum sample for each quota, I would set all quotas approx. 10% higher than required and fine tune the quota once ore twice per day manually – i.e. reducing or enhancing quota as required.

    If you need an exact “main sample” plus an undefined “boost”:

    • Duplicate the main survey
    • Main survey: set all detail quota as required for the representative sample
    • Boost survey: set only an overall quota (=how many boost interviews you need)
    • In the quota menu of the main survey, set a URL redirect to the boost survey (=those who run into “quota full” will be redirected to the boost survey)

    Hope it helps

    strasser90 answered


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