[Solved] ‘Other’ categories for textbox grid not appearing in SPSS as variables



I am building a survey question whereby respondents are asked the amount they receive in grants and contracts (in pounds) from different government sources. Each government source is a row and grants and contracts have been set up as columns. Responses must be numeric. I am not sure of all the government sources so I included three ‘other’ options where respondents can specify the government funder. However when I run test responses and export the data to SPSS no variables appear for the ‘other’ rows. Can you please help? 




rachelshannon asked

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    Hi Rachel, thanks for using Community! I found a snippet from the official documentation that helps explain this situation, and provides a possible solution:


    Each unique value entered in other row header fields will be added as a new column in CSV/Excel Exports. Other Row Headers are not available in SPSS exports. Never fear though, you can export a CSV file and import it into SPSS. Check out our tutorial on How to Open a CSV File in SPSS.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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