Would like the option of archiving a whole folder of surveys at once


I currently have several folders, one for each campaign. Each folder has several surveys in it. I want to archive the old folders/surveys but I don’t want to have to archive each survey one at a time. I would like to archive a whole folder. My folders have up to 100 surveys in them and that number is growing. Any ideas?

gary answered
    gary 12 Rep.

    Yes please. we need the ability to archive surveys by the folder. We have folders with 20 folders inside and 8-16 surveys inside of those folders. It would be great to archive the top level folder. Then we would be able to find an archived survey easier.

    gary answered

      Hi Sharon,

      SurveyGizmo does not have these bulk options for archiving surveys or archiving folders. It looks like there are a number of other users that have asked for this capability – note the comments at the bottom of this article:


      It also looks like SurveyGizmo is tracking these requests per the answers to those comments. Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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