How to use a Contain operator in logic builder


I have data in a text field and I would like to set up logic based on the data in the text field. So the IF statement Contains …. 

The Contains operator is greyed out. 


Jim Wetherill answered

    Is the question in which you are setting the logic condition on the same page as your target question?  Some logic conditions are not available to use until the respondent has pressed the next button, which means your question must be placed on a following page..  I know that this applies to the negative conditions (IS NOT ANSWERED, IS NOT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING, etc.), so it may apply to the CONTAINS condition as well.

    Jim Wetherill answered
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      You can use “matches regex pattern” instead.

      As long as what you want to match is one particular piece of normal text with no special characters, this is easy, just do something like:

      Q 1. Textbox A   matches regex pattern   book


      Q 1. Textbox A   matches regex pattern   book report


      There are a number of references for regex if you want to do more complex matching like book|spoon which will match if either “book” or “spoon” are located anywhere in the text. You can read about it at wikipedia although that may not be the best reference for how do to what you want.


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