Can the open text in reports have the respodents name or number next to the text?


I have created a standard report for my survey. The respondents answers are which are open form text are displayed listed under each other. Is there any way of identifying the open text by respondent in its listed form?

Sheila Bloom answered


    The only way I’ve found to add more information is with a DIY Table.   If you hover between two questions on your report, you’ll see over to the right you can Add a Table.  Click that and you should see something like this:

    Name the table and add the source question with the open text.   This will result in a list of the comments with the response id to the left.  If you need more info, like if you collected the respondent’s name and you want that in there, you can add that as well by adding multiple source questions.  Each source question will be a column, so after about 3-4 it doesn’t print very well.

    Hope this helps!

    Sheila Bloom answered


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