[Solved] Open date shows a 1969 year instead of what I enter


Alexander, I don’t know if it is the 1969-12-31 19:00:00 that shows up in the links that I set up (this is NOT what I entered–please see the screen shots that I sent you last week), but the response I get when I take the test I sent to myself to make sure everything is working correctly:  “The survey is not taking additional responses at this time.” 

If you could please tell me what the fix is, I can go back and change the 49 evaluation links  I’ve already created, and start working on the 81 that I need to enter.

Thank you,

Rose McGowan

Rose Mcgowan28284 asked

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    Hey Rose- You don’t have to have an open date. I’d recommend going through and just removing it. That will allow your link to be open. That date you’re seeing is the unix time code. Not sure how it defaulted to that but if you remove it, it should be good to go. I hope that helps!



    Noel Black answered


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