[Solved] One user cannot input answers into the survey. Answer fields are grayed out for her.


We have one user who is complaining that she cannot complete the survey because the answer fields are grayed out. Is this a firewall issue? Some other issue? How can we help her complete the survey?

I cannot recreate the problem as it doesn’t happen on my computer.

Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!


Sarah Demetral

Sarah Demetra asked

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    Hey Sarah, you’ll probably want to courteously ask her for a screenshot of the issue, and then what browser (and version #) and operating system she is using to view the survey. Also would be helpful to know if she is using any sort of add-ins on her browser (some add-ins can block certain elements).

    It’s likely a local issue and knowing those things will help you diagnose what it might be.

    Nick Wicks answered


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