On Standard Reports where are the Global Settings?


Where are all the options on the Standard reports?  For example, How do I tell it to “Hide Options with no data”  Or to pick universal settings for the charts?


I found the Bulk Edit options, but I still can’t figure out how to hide any questions that haven’t been answered.  For example, if Question 3 isn’t answered, I want the report to just skip it, and go on to Question 4.  And, I still want the numbering to show the actual number, so it would look like:  #1, #2, #4 if there were no answers for #3.


If anyone’s mastered the standard report, I’d appreciate any help or advice.


Dominic Sharpe answered

    I think this article should help:


    The ‘Overall Options’ in the upper right of the report should help with things like hiding options with no data:


    There is a ‘Questions With No Data” checkbox under Overall Options > Layout:


    And as far as editing chart types in bulk, I think the Bulk Editor tool is the best option.

    I hope this at least answers some of your questions.


    Sheila Bloom commented
      • Thanks Dominic, I guess I still have a Huge learning curve on these reports! I did get it to finally hide the questions that hadn’t been answered, but I’m not exactly sure how because when you first go there, nothing is checked by default to show. So, you must have trigger the overall options by first selecting it, and then go back to de-select it. I got the report to about 50%, but I’m under deadline and had to revert to the Legacy reports this time. Thanks for the articles and maybe next time!



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