Why can’t you see numbers when editing a response to slider question?


When you take a survey with a slider question, the slider shows the number as you move the ball across the slider. If you go to edit someone’s response based on say an email asking to change their answer after they submitted the survey, you don’t get the numeric indication of the slider response. Thus, you have to keep moving the slider around and nudge it to edit the correct response. 

Why can’t you see the numbers in the edit response view like you do in the main survey responding view?

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    There seems to be a small problem with the CSS that formats the grey box where the number should be displayed making it too small to contain the number. The number is being displayed, but you can’t read it, because part of it ends up being white on white and part of it is obscured behind other elements.

    I have submitted a bug report for this.

    IS answered


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