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When I upgraded from the free account to standard account, it said that it covers 1 user. However, when I log out and look at the options under “Pricing”, there is a “Basic” account that costs the same, yet which covers 2 users. Can you explain this discrepancy? 

Also, I would like to say that for a paid account, I would have expected to have a bit more options with regards to reporting (e.g., it should be possible to create reports in SPSS format). 

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Nicolay asked

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    Hi, Nicolay!

    Thanks for the post! When signing up with SurveyGizmo for an annual account you do receive two users. Here is a screenshot of our pricing page: http://screencast.com/t/e7oX40oL

    As for our plan levels, SPSS exports are available on our Professional plan level. The SPSS export is considered to be more of an advanced feature, which is why our Basic plan level does not have this. With SPSS being a statistical analysis, we want to be able to support it whenever we can, which requires some resources. This is another reason why the export is on the Professional plan level and not the Basic.

    I am sorry that the feature you are looking for is not available at the Basic plan level. If SPSS is a requirement for you I would highly suggest to upgrade your account to the Professional annual, so you have two users and SPSS export:)

    Thanks again for the post! Have a wonderful day!
    Seanalee Flaherty

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