not able to run a pie or bar chart on a table question type




in my surevey I am not able to run a bar chart converting a question from table to bar chart. Any idea on how can I have a bar chart report for such a kind of question?

is a Radio button grid question type with

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edoardolopizzobaxaltacom asked

    Unfortunately you can’t do this within SurveyGizmo reports.  A bar chart consists of a pre-defined standard along one axis, and another axis that represents the collected data.  A radio button grid may be treated as a single question within SurveyGizmo, but actually each row of the grid is a separate question. So a bar chart based on a grid-type questions would have multiple axis of collected data.

    SurveyGizmo displays the response data from a grid-type question in table format because that is the simplest and clearest way to display the information.  To build a multi-variant bar chart you would have to export the data into MS Excel or another program that would let you build custom data visualizations.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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