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I have lost the option where the HTML editor appears when I edit the text of questions – even though I have ticked this option in My Preferences in the Account section.


Also, I am no longer able to Edit Page Titles or Page Descriptions, although I could do this earlier in the survey building phase.


Thank you for any suggestions



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    Hi Chris,

    One of our Community Moderators flagged this post to alert the SurveyGizmo team of your issue.

    I’m very sorry for the trouble!

    An issue like what you are describing can be a result of browser settings or plugins that prevent the HTML editor from properly loading within SurveyGizmo. Are you aware of any recent browser or network updates at the location where you are accessing SurveyGizmo?

    If your browser or network is managed by an IT Team it may be a good idea to check with them and make sure SurveyGizmo is set as a trusted site on your browser/network.

    There are a couple other things that you can try on your machine prior to reaching out to IT:

    • clear the browser cache and cookies
    • access SurveyGizmo from another machine or browser (this will help identify whether this is a browser issue)

    Please keep us posted if you continue to have this issue!



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