[Solved] No bounces nor responses two hours after email blast


Sent an email blast at 9:42am for project: ACFAS 2016 Board of Directors Election.  All was sent but it is not registering bounces nor responses two hours later.  Please let me know what’s wrong.

Joy B. asked
    • I just realize that the emails were not sent because of the high bounce rate of the previous email. But I proceeded because the system allowed me and there is no warning message that prevented me to start send out. Please let me know ASAP if this is the case so I could start another email campaign and I don’t want our members to receive two email invites.

    • Because of time constraint, I just went ahead and create a new email campaign. Just would like to request that the previous send out remain unsend. But I still would want to hear from you, guys.

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    Hi Joy, you might want to contact sg support directly at support@sgizmo.com for this sort of thing since it sounds like it’s specific to your survey.

    Chad Wilco answered


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