[Solved] New Response Notification – its all empty/ false announcement


upon launching the survey, ive received over 50 of these notification but its all false/ empty.

Good News!

You just got a new response to “honestbee Customer Survey”! You can view it here.


You can change this email to include any of their answers if you would like.
You can also turn these alerts off if you are getting too many.

ganshin asked

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    I had the same issue and found out it was because:

    The emails you’re receiving are emails generated by the Send Email action that’s not fully set up that you must have somewhere in one of your surveys.

    If you’re not familiar with the Send Email action, it’s an action you would add to your survey that you can set up to send to yourself whenever someone takes your survey, or to the survey taker, or to anyone else (here’s our documentation on it: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/send-email-action).

    The text in the body of the email you’re receiving is just the default sample text that is in a Send Email action when you first add the action to your survey, usually you would replace that sample default text with whatever you want the email to actually say when it gets sent out.

    Mary M (Moderator) answered


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