[Solved] Need to skip a page when the first radio button is clicked


I need to skip a page when the first radio button for a range of choices is clicked. If a person clicks on “Did not participate in this event” they should not need to click on each of the questions within that section/page. Please help! Thank you.

DTHumanitie asked

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    This is not a simple question to answer – there are many factors to consider.  I would suggest that you read the documentation for details: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/setup-page-logic

    This article includes a video which walks you thru the process.

    Jim Wetherill answered

      Thank you for your suggestion. I read that article and I realized that I should create a Yes/No question initially and only display the rest of the questions if “Yes” was selected. I think this will be acceptable – thank you for saving my day!

      DTHumanitie answered


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