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I am trying to redirect my survey user to a custom page that will display results. I need to send the users responseId via a redirect.

I was able to send the sessionId (by making it a hidden value and then sending it as a URL param) but this doesn’t help me because I can’t see how to look up a response in the API with a sessionId.

Does anyone know how I can either:

A. send the responseId in a redirect (preferred)

B. lookup a response in the API using the sessionId



Peter asked

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    Hi Peter,

    Regarding the Response ID – unfortunately no.  I actually had this question about a month ago (https://community.surveygizmo.com/questions/question/has-anyone-used-custom-script-javascript-or-something-else-to-pull-response-id-into-their-survey/).  Our work around was to use a separate software, alteryx, to get that ID back into the survey. 

    That being said, I might have an alternate suggestion… Is the custom results page within the survey? Because we use JavaScript to create a custom path navigation within our surveys.  Let me know and I will post an example.

    I hope this helps.


    Mary Panos Loy answered


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