[Solved] need other box to appear on left (and text is on right)


I need an open text answer, but with a “don’t know” and “refuse to say” option too that those can select instead of the open text. So far, Iv been using radio buttons with an other field. 

However, I need the open text box to appear on the left of the word, as in “_______ kg” instead of “kg ______”. How can I do this? 


Samantha342639 asked

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    Hi Samantha! There is a setting to reverse the left-right orientation of your answer options. This can be found by editing your question, and going to the Layout tab. The “Label position” option is the one you’ll want to uncheck:



    Note that this will have another effect, which is to right-align your answer options, so this might not be exactly what you are looking for. It is the closest available built-in solution though, so hopefully this info is helpful for you!


    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered
      • Thanks for the response. I know this is an option, but I was hoping to have a way for the option bubble to stay on the left side of the page to keep the survey looking consistent.

        I am hoping to find a way to do: “O _____________ kg” on the left side of the page, not “___________ kg O” on the right side of the page.

        I’ve been told one might be able to do this through javascript. Any tips?



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