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I am trying to use logic to accomplish the following:  When the respondent answers the first question in a particular way, the survey automatically takes you to a Thank you page saying something different than the thank you page for those who did the entire survey.

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    There are two ways you can do this:

    Version 1: Place the first question on the first page, and the rest of the questions on the next page. Between Page 1 and Page 2, add Skip/Disquality Logic to disqualify respondents that you want to terminate early. You’ll see a textbox appear where you can enter the message displayed to the disqualified respondents. Note that in your reporting, these responses will be marked as “Disqualified” as opposed to “Completed”.

    Version 2: If you definitely still need these early-termination responses marked as “Completed” in your reporting, then you’ll follow the same steps as above to add Skip/Disqualify Logic between Q1 and the rest of your survey. Instead of selecting the option to mark these responses as disqualified, you’ll either mark them as completed or direct them to the Thank You page. On your Thank You page, have 2 Thank You messages: one for users who completed the whole survey, and one for users who were terminated early. Then apply logic to each Thank You message to show the correct version based on the Q1 response.

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