My respondents have given spending answers with and without a $ symbol. Will SG add up all values?


We asked respondents to record their spend for several items.

We created a question that had data validation. The respondent could only give a whole number (no decimals, no negative values). We did not want respondents to give text answers, such as “we spent lots”, “five thousand dollars”, “don’t know” etc. 

However, We did not anticipate respondents would insert their own $ symbol.

So – will Survey Gizmo sum all the responses? Will SG ignore all responses that include a $ symbol? Furthermore, if SG does not sum up all the data, can we edit the data or change settings that will allow SG to include all data in its standard report?


Brian (professional account level)


Brian Knowles asked

    Hello Jacob

    Thank you for your helpful suggestion – it works. We have not used Regex validation before.

    By the way, would I be able to change the validation in the whilst my live survey is running?   Or will Survey Gizmo object or corrupt the structure of the survey in any way.

    Thanks – Brian



    Brian Knowles answered
      • Hey Brian, I don’t think it will have any issues with previous submissions. It should only work on upcoming submissions. I am happy it all worked for you.


      Hi Brian,

      As a fellow community member, I am uncertain if SG will still calculate these values with the special character.

      What I can recommend, without using any javascript or custom scripting, is changing the validation to Regex and inserting the following pattern:


      This will only allow numeric data inside the field. They can insert any number 0 – 100000000…. but they cannot insert any special characters or letters.

      As to handle your old submissions, I would recommend exporting the data, cleaning it up and re-importing it to your surveys.

      One suggestion is to read through that whole process before you start to do it. Although it may take sometime to get started, it is probably easier and faster then going into individual responses and editing one by one.

      Jacob Hayslett answered


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