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I am trying to build a survey going out to a series of stores. They are grouped in 7 regions and so I aim to use a link with a URL variable for each region. Having clicked their link I need them to pick an actual store from a drop down list ( I plan to use an text box with auto complete) . The thing is there are 170 odd stores and to be as accurate as possible I only want them to be able to select from the 25 odd stores in their region. I would ideally do this by directing them to a different “Store question” based on their URL variable.

  1. Can this be done?
  2. Can I get the answers to all of these 7 “Store questions” to populate the same field “Store” in the export
  3. Is there a better way to achieve the same result?

Any help hugely appreciated as always.



peter answered
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    Top answer and beard for that matter. THanks. I will work through this.

    peter answered

      It’s definitely possible to trigger certain questions to show based on URL variables. When you edit a question, you can select URL Variable as a source of your logic.

      This article is helpful in terms of using URL variables in your survey:

      Since each region has ~25 or so stores, I might suggest using a dropdown menu instead of an open text.

      You can then set up an overall ‘Store’ question on a page that follows your region subquestions, and funnel the answers from the store questions into this question via the ‘default answer’ option described here:

      I believe you can use the merge codes from your region specific questions in the default answer field (comma separated) and since only one region specific question would be answered per survey responses, this shouldn’t be a problem. I would certainly test thoroughly to confirm.

      Hope this gives you some options!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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