[Solved] Multiple input fields in one row of survey


I would like to style my survey so that there are multiple questions/input fields in the same row rather than each question having its own row. 


I have embedded my survey using the JavaScript embed but I don’t know how to edit the css or html associated with it because it is only giving me JavaScript. How do I edit the associated HTML and CSS or do you know how to get mutliple input fields to be in the same row on the survey?

Parker Green asked

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    Hi Parker!

    To understand how to make this change, it may be best to think of the Javascript embed simply as a convenient way of displaying your survey contents wherever you choose. To alter your survey’s contents (including the layout), I would recommend making these changes directly in SurveyGizmo, usually in the Style section.

    Our documentation section actually includes a tutorial with some tips for accomplishing exactly what you describe 🙂 You can find that here:


    I hope this helps to answer your question!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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